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Owl monkey


Gray-bellied Night Monkey, Panamanian Night Monkey, Hernández-Camacho’s Night Monkey, Gray-handed Night Monkey, Hershkovitz’s Night Monkey, Brumback’s Night Monkey, Three-striped Night Monkey, Spix’s Night Monkey, Azara’s Night Monkey, Peruvian Night Monkey, Black-headed Night Monkey, Nancy Ma’s Night Monkey


20 years in captivity


From Central America to N.W. South America


They eat fruits, leaves and insects

Social structure

These are nocturnal animals who live in male-female pairs. The offspring may stay with their parents and so small groups of 4-5 may form


The young are born after 120 days gestation and weaning takes place at 8 months


These monkeys are systematically removed from the wild for use in malaria research.

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