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07.09.07 European Parliament sets historic target to end all experiments on primates

The European Parliament adopts Written Declaration 40, co-originated by ADI and the NAVS in what is hailed as the most important single breakthrough on animal testing in over a decade.

It was signed by 433 MEPs (that’s 55% of the total, making the Declaration the most supported ever in the history of animal protection). It calls for urgent action to end the use of Great Apes and wild-caught monkeys in experiments, and for a timetable to be set to end all experiments on primates across Europe.

The Declaration, championed by Animal Defenders International (ADI), was adopted at the Parliament’s Strasbourg session, and now the European Commission will produce an action plan.

In an unprecedented collaboration, the move to end primate experiments has the backing of every political group, and MEPs from every country in Europe. The adoption of the Written Declaration sends an incredibly powerful message to the European Commission, which isreviewing rules for animal experiments across Europeto act and to act now.

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