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05.11.08 : European Commission proposes long-awaited overhaul of rules on animal experiments

The long-awaited revision of Directive 86/609 is finally announced. It includes bans on the use of apes and wild caught monkeys in laboratories stating that the new Directive will require that “…only animals of second or older generations be used, subject to transitional periods, to avoid taking animals from the wild and exhausting wild populations“.

However, the proposals fall short on a phase out of primate experiments.

ADI and the NAVS cautiously welcome the measures, but express concern that the opportunity for greater protection of laboratory animals and increased use of non-animal methods has not been seized.

Tim Phillips, Campaigns Director of NAVS and ADI: “We are delighted that the Commission is proposing to ban the use of great apes and wild caught monkeys in laboratories in Europe. This is a huge victory for our supporters and our efforts to move Europe towards replacement of outdated primate tests with advanced techniques. Whilst we are disappointed that the Commission has not established a timetable to phase out all primate tests, we are pleased that they will continue to monitor the situation and we hope to persuade them to lay down a clear phase out of these cruel tests.“

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