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Campaign starts to stop European Space Agency and Russian lab to experiment on primates for Mars 500 space programme

26 March 2010

The European Space Agency (ESA) is partnering with the Moscow Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP) in a project called Mars 500 which ultimately aims at sending humans to Mars. Unfortunately this ambitious space exploration adventure will harm and probably take the lives of many monkeys before its completion. Animal Defenders International and the Anti Dierproeven Coalitie strongly condemn the experiments as cruel and unethical. Read more »

Swiss Supreme Court rules against researchers in landmark case for the protection of primates

16 October 2009

The Swiss Supreme Court ruled this week against the Polytechnic School of the University of Zurich, which was appealing a decision to deny them the license for two scientific projects involving the use of primates. Read more »

ADI and AgireOra launch Save the Primates campaign in Italy

11 September 2009

ADI Exposé of the laboratory primate trade and campaign launch. Animal Defenders International (ADI) and AgireOra host screening of shocking DVD in Turin, Italy. A major new campaign to end the use of monkeys in European laboratories is being launched today in Turin, Italy. Read more »

Turin: Exposé of the laboratory primate trade and campaign launch

10 September 2009

ADI and AgireOra host screening of shocking DVD. A major new campaign to end the use of monkeys in European laboratories is being launched in Italy on 11 September. Read more »

Lab Animals, Europe Decides

27 July 2009

Between January and May the European Parliament considered new rules for lab animals Read more »

MEPs condemn rise in animal experiments in UK

24 July 2009

Animal experimentation rising as Government scrutiny decreases Read more »

Hoy gran lanzamiento en Barcelona de campaña e investigación encubierta sobre el comercio de primate

24 July 2009

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Undercover Exposé of the Primate lab trade launched in Spain

24 July 2009

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ADI/NAVS is heard by the House of Lords

22 July 2009

ADI/NAVS was invited to present evidence to the House of Lords EU Committee on the July 9 2009 about the new Directive on animal experiments proposed by the European Commission Read more »

MEPs buckle under vivisection industry pressure 6 May, 2009

6 May 2009

MEPs vote to support non-animal research but strip away protection from wild caught primates; and remove prior authorisation requirements for over 4million experiments Read more »

MEPs vote on animal research regulations 5 May, 2009

5 May 2009

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Save the Primates on World Laboratory Animal Day – April 24th

23 April 2009

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ADI: Propaganda about changes to European animal testing laws ignores tragedy for lab animals

2 April 2009

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MEPs vote to allow severe and prolonged suffering of animals and say its in the interests of animal welfare

1 April 2009

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ADI hits back at claims better animal protection will drive scientific research out of the EU

30 March 2009

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