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Get involved for Primates

Fundraise for ADI: Calling all students!

Fancy dress!

Why not organise a sponsored fancy dress so students come to school, college or university as a primate and see how much you can raise! Alternatively try and get your school, college or university to dress in an animal themed dress code! See how much you can raise for ADI and be sure to let us know in advance so we can organise publicity!

Vegan treats

For those of you with a flair for cooking why not bake a delicious vegan cake or biscuits and charge fellow students for a slice of happiness!

Drink and Snack genie

Charge friends for going to the canteen or tuck shop by the item or even for a flat fee for the whole day! Alternatively ask if you can add a donation mark up to each item for sale in your school, college or university canteen.

Lunchtime fitness!

Invite your school, college or university to partake in a lunchtime sponsored power walk, run or cycle. Great for the body and the mind. For those of you feeling brave why not take the stairs instead of the lift and see how much you can raise per floor!

Flash Event!

Why not hold a flash event for primates in your college, university or local high street! Remember to take photos of any event you hold, for maximum media exposure, and please send any photos to our office.

Have an college or university make over!

Gentlemen would you or a friend be prepared to shave off a moustache or beard for sponsorship? Ladies would you be prepared to have a radical hair cut?


For thespians and artists why not organise a drawing, painting or poetry competition about primates for the primates and be sure to send us in copies of the winning entries! You could also send a copy of the winning entry to your local newspaper.

Ask your school, college or university if they will match your sponsorship amount raised

ADI is always delighted to receive photographs of our supporters participating in fundraising events – send your photo to

Also, send a photo to your local newspaper and tell them what you are doing for laboratory animals.

Thank you so much for your support and caring about the plight of primates.

Good Luck!

If you think you would be able to participate in one of the above ideas simply download one of our sponsorship forms or alternative call the fundraising team on 020 7630 3340 or email us at

Watch our Save the Primates Video

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