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New EDM 1042

EDM 1042 to end primate testing

A NEW EDM 1042 is tabled to help Save the Primates

As the support for our primate campaign gathers momentum we are delighted to announce that Members of Parliament Bob Spink and Adrian Sanders have tabled an NEW EDM to end primate testing.

ACTION: We urgently need your help in supporting this Early Day Motion so please contact YOUR MP today, and ask them to sign EDM 1042, which says:

That this House is concerned to note that thousands of primates are used in experiments across Europe each year; further notes with deep regret that the European Commission refuses to implement a ban on live primate experiments across Europe; further notes that this is contrary to the wishes of 80 per cent. of the population; and therefore calls on the Government to promote strongly a timetabled replacement of all primate experiments in Europe.

These are the MPs who have already signed EDM 1042:

  • Spink, Bob
  • George, Andrew
  • Russell, Bob
  • Taylor, David
  • Weir, Mike
  • Cryer, Ann
  • Sanders, Adrian
  • Hoyle, Lindsay
  • Marsden, Gordon
  • Caton, Martin
  • Dismore, Andrew
  • Pugh, John
  • Simpson, Alan
  • Hopkins, Kelvin
  • Mackinlay, Andrew
  • Breed, Colin
  • Drew, David
  • Hemming, John
  • Anderson, Janet
  • O’Hara, Edward
  • Hancock, Mike
  • Williams, Betty
  • Leech, John
  • Corbyn, Jeremy
  • Godsiff, Roger
  • Baker, Norman
  • Davies, Dai
  • Vis, Rudi
  • Wilson, Sammy
  • Banks, Gordon
  • Riordan, Linda
  • Jenkins, Brian
  • Llwyd, Elfyn
  • McDonnell, John
  • Brooke, Annette
  • Donaldson, Jeffrey
  • Gerrard, Neil
  • Heyes, David
  • Cohen, Harry
  • Hermon, Lady
  • Foster, Michael Jabez
  • Singh, Marsha
  • Cawsey, Ian
  • Williams, Mark
  • Willott, Jenny

To find the MP in your area click here…

You can write to your MP at:
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Remember, the time is now right for action on primates, and the alternatives are there to replace primate use in many tests. We are hopeful that the combined will of the UK Parliament, together with the desire expressed by 55% of the European Parliament in their Written Declaration, backed by 80% of the public must, surely, make the UK Government take a stand in Europe on this issue.

We need your help to make this happen!

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