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Please send an email to your MEPs urging them to support measures to implement the aims of Written Declaration 40 in the revision of Directive 86/609 - the European rules for animal experiments.

To end the use of primates, wild caught primates and the use of F1 primates, and to establish a timetable to phase out experiments on monkeys. If the MEP signed WD40/2007 (indicated under the MEPs names) thank them for doing so.

Please be polite, concise, and explain why this matter concerns you as one of their constituents. Never be aggressive or abusive even if you disagree with the response you might receive.

Please include your name and address to show that you are a constituent.

Please feel free to adapt and add to the text suggested (this is included in the email link for your MEP so you don’t need to copy it):


I am deeply concerned about the suffering of monkeys in laboratories and I would like to ask that you do whatever you can to ensure that the measures outlined in Written Declaration 40/2007.

Please ensure that the revision includes measures to prohibit the use of apes and wild caught monkeys and for a timetable to phase out experiments on primates.

Yours sincerely

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