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Technical Briefs

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Animal Defenders International / Eurogroup Briefings

Overview of Main Points (EN)

Regular Thematic Reviews (EN)

Development of Alternative Methods (EN)
Authorisation of Projects (EN)
Article 10, Phase out capture of wild caught non-human primates (EN)

Appendix to Primate Briefing for animal experimentation – Article 10 (EN)
Article 8, Limiting use of non-human primates (EN)

Thematic reviews of animal use and implementation of replacements

Why AGRI Committee Amendment 149: Article 53 a (new) and AGRI Committee amendment 59: Article 8, 2a (new) should be supported

Competitiveness of European Science and Industry

Why AGRI Committee Amendment 107 to Article 35 should be rejected

Ending the trapping of wild monkeys for research and breeding farms

Why AGRI Committee Amendments 60 & 61 to Article 10 should be rejected

Response to the statement of the EU Scientific Steering Committee on the use of non-human primates (NHP) in biomedical research

A briefing paper for Members of the European Parliament discussing current scientific opinion on the issues raised by the SSC, and the scientific basis for adopting non-animal alternatives in biomedical research.

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